Good Friday Tenebrae Service - March 30

Good Friday Service—March 30

Join us in the Sanctuary at 6:00 P.M., March 30, for our Tenebrae, Good Friday Service.  A solemn observance of the Lord’s Death known as “Tenebrae,” which means darkness, was first celebrated in the fourth century. In this service, seven candles are gradually extinguished, symbolizing the arrival of Jesus’ enemies, the flight and denial of the disciples, and His ultimate suffering. Darkness reminds us of Christ’s death and burial in the tomb. We will depart in somber silence reflecting upon Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross – the responsibility of which all mankind shares. The seventh candle is relit to represent the resurrected light of Christ which will never be extinguished. In that light, we find forgiveness and fellowship in communion with our Lord.

  April 2018  
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