Sunday P.M. Dust to Glory
Pastor: Steve Mirich

The topic for this Sunday, May 20


Dust to Glory: Amos and Hosea 

The last twelve books of the Old Testament are known as minor prophets. They are known as minor, not because they are less significant, but rather because they are shorter in length. The minor prophets deliver powerful messages from God to his wayward people. The prophet Amos focused primarily on the justice of God with less attention on God’s mercy. The prophet Hosea focused primarily on the mercy of God with less attention on God’s justice. Both of these prophets transmitted the Word of the Lord to the people and pleaded with them to return to the faith of their fathers. In tonight’s lecture, Dr. Sproul discusses the prophecies of Amos and Hosea. Hope you can join us tonight for snack supper at 5:30 and lesson at 6:00.




Fifty-Seven 23-Minute Messages. 21 Hours of Teaching.
Join Dr. Sproul on a unique study tour as he explores the major themes, events, and people that are brought to life in the Bible. Dust to Glory provides a panorama of biblical truth and a starting point to help you understand the content of the Bible. Dust to Glory can energize your study of the Bible, provide you with new insights, and improve your ability to read, understand, and apply Scripture to your life.




  May 2018  
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