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Volume 54  Number #37   December 2015   Published at   2101  KANUGA   ROAD   HENDERSONVILLE,  NC


   From the Pastor

 “Overwhelmed” may be the best place to start. I turn on the news – I am overwhelmed. I listen to how many babies have been aborted – I am overwhelmed. It is so easy to get paralyzed and not do anything; not know where to start. There is a popular story that is shared probably too much, but in a strange way it is helpful for me and an encouragement to do something. The story goes like this:



Someone asked me the other day when I will declare an end to the fast on Wednesdays. The answer is, not yet. If you are able and willing, I encourage you to please continue to fast and pray with me for this body, for this community, for this world. May we use this Christmas season to reflect and celebrate the hope we have while praying for ways to share that hope with a lost and dying world.




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